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Golf Iron

Custom Fitting

With Golf Master Fitter

Using golf clubs that are perfectly fitted to suit your physical build and your golf swing characteristics, can have a profoundly positive impact on the quality of your golf. No two people are built the same, nor are any two golf swings the same so it stands to reason that different club specifications will be required for different individuals.  
Schedule Your Fitting
We have seven different custom fitting experiences for you to choose from, including wedge fittings, single club fittings, iron set fittings and full bag fittings. Single club fittings usually take around an hour with a full bag fitting taking up to two hours. Book your custom fitting session with our master fitter.
Getting Ready for Your Appointment
If you currently own clubs and you are looking to upgrade them, you should bring them along with you to your custom fitting session. This allows us to get valuable data to work from and will help us achieve maximum improvement in your game. You should bring your usual golf shoes with you and a glove, if you wear one. We recommend that you arrive slightly early for your appointment so you can warm up properly before hitting any shots.
Launch Monitors & Technology
No expense has been spared on equipping our facility with the finest technology available. We use  GC Quad launch monitors in our fitting bay, which are categorically the most accurate launch monitor.  
Our master fitter has acquired vast amounts of knowledge that will be applied to improve your golf game. Your fitter will start to piece clubs together that they believe will bring you a significant improvement over your existing club(s). Testing of the new clubs will then begin, with in-depth analysis of the data shaping further selections and refinements.
We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of clubhead and shaft choices to be found anywhere. From a comprehensive selection of stock shafts all the way through to a dazzling array of the most exotic shafts, we have them all. Many are shafts you would otherwise not get the chance to try and they can have a hugely positive effect on your performance.
Fee: £20 Charge for fitting, this fee gets deducted from your order to make our fitting service free for customers that purchase the clubs.

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