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Wilson Dynapower Steel Golf Irons- Custom fit

Wilson Dynapower Steel Golf Irons- Custom fit

The all-new Wilson Staff Dynapower irons are inspired by the original 1956 model which was an innovative new iron that redefined weight distribution in an iron head club design.

The Wilson Staff Irons Feature:

  • High MOI / Low CG Design
  • Dynapower AI
  • Player-Preferred Oversized Head
  • 1-Year Warranty / KBS Max Ultralite Steel Shafts / Lamkin Crossline 360 Grips

High MOI / Low CG Design

The head features a high MOI head design for stability and forgiveness on off-center ball strikes. Plus has a low center of gravity position to launch the ball high for distance with steeper angles of decent for more stopping power on the greens.

Dynapower AI

Dynapower Artificial intelligence analyzed thousands of different face thicknesses and Powerhole locations to deliver optimum performance. The result provides even faster ball speed over the entire area of the face, where 85% of 10+ handicapper golfers tend to strike, therefore providing more performance on miss-hit strikes.

Player-Preferred Oversized Head

The iron's powerful oversize shaping feature a pleasing topline, with optimal offset and smooth hosel transition for a balanced view at address position.

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